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Climbing Tai Shan 泰山
The day that you can order your favorite coffee with all of it’s modifications in a different language is a huge milestone.
When you start a night as strangers and leave the bars as best friends at 6am, you know you did Seoul right.
I need to invest in a backpack larger than a day pack, any suggestions?
Climbing Tai Shan 泰山
I love this kid. Every conversation I have with him cracks me up. So many shenanigans. I can’t wait to visit him again.

You know you’re doing China right when you eat breakfast at a bar at 4:30 pm.


do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing. 

Oh god. Every weekend in China with me and my roommate. We are lucky if we brush our teeth and leave our rooms by 4pm. You know you’re making questionable life choices when you have breakfast at a bar at 4:30 pm. 

Hair Tragedies in China

I knew that getting my hair colored in Tianjin, China was the worst idea ever but I really wanted highlights because I got my hair colored really dark while traveling in Korea and it looked a little funny on me. I figured, if I’m just wanting simple highlights, how badly could they fuck it up? Apparently, really badly. I looked like a 90s washed up pop star. I mean it was bad. My teacher actually gasped when she saw me. Thank god my friend took me to a foreigners hair salon in Beijing the next day to get it fixed…and by fixed I mean I can go out in public without crying. It doesn’t actually look good. Life in China as a blonde is not easy. I would post a picture but honestly, it’s better left unseen.

I’m already missing Korea!
Traveling with your best friend is the best thing in life.

Top 10 Things I Miss About America

1. My puppy: Please someone bring Nia to China so she can live with me for the year. 

2. Bagels Forever: I’m praying that my mom will bring me a suitcase full of Bagels from Bagels Forever so that I can freeze them and eat them throughout the year. 
3. Clean Air: I would really love to be able to run everyday without worrying about whether or not I will collapse of an asthma attack because of the air quality 
4. Fresh Cut Grass: There is not a lot of grass here. Even when there is, you aren’t really allowed to walk/lay/sit in it so it really doesn’t count. I would love to roll down Bascom Hill right now. 
5. Swimming: There’s something really sad about living two summers in a row without going swimming in a lake. 
6. French Toast: There’s nothing like waking up to french toast made by my mom.
7. Pasta: Shout out to Cafe Porta Alba, I am barely surviving without eating your food. Open one up in Tianjin, please! 
8. American Bathrooms: It’s not the worst thing in the world but the fact that I got excited today because there was provided toilet paper in the Yingkodao bathroom is slightly depressing. I just want a bathroom with toilet paper in each stall, soap, and maybe even paper towels to dry my hands. 
9. Addresses: People do not use addresses here. Telling taxi drivers where to go is so difficult. On the plus side, I’ve gotten really good at giving directions in Chinese.
10. Tap Water and Ice: What I would give to fill up my cup from the sink or have a place in the dorm where I could get ice for my drinks.

P.S. Friends and family are not on this list because that is the most obvious thing in the world. I love you all dearly. Come visit me!

While making this list, I realized that it was actually hard to think of 10 things that I really, really miss. As much as I love all of these things, there are so many amazing new things that I love about China and Asia in general. The list of things that I love about China is endless! I just signed my teaching contract so I will be teaching here until May of 2015. I move into my own apartment August 9th. I’ve taught a few times at my school already— I love the kids and the other teachers. I am so excited for this year to come. I miss everyone so don’t be shy. If you are inspired to buy a plane ticket to China, you have a place to stay in Tianjin!

You can’t spell SLUT without El, I love her blog!


If you were curious about Slut Life in other Asian countries, my lovely follower mandarince just turned me on to el-does-china. She’s living it up hardcore over in China and has some pretty good stories. Check her out.

Slut pride, bitches.

Korean Adventure

So I ended up going to Korea because I had a friend that was living there with his parents for the summer. I absolutely loved it there! One thing I’m really guilty of is just lumping “Asian culture” all into one category but this is completely unfair of me. Korea is very different from China. Because China has had such a large impact on Asia when it comes to traditional culture and language, I saw tons of traditional Chinese characters and the one temple that remains in Seoul had very obvious Chinese influence but these were the only aspects of Korea that reminded me of China. 

When I arrived in Korea, I had a very hard time getting through immigration because I didn’t know the phone number or address of the person that I was staying with. Luckily, a really nice Korean girl overheard what was happening and pretended to be a mutual friend and let me use her address to get into the country. I have no idea what I would have done without her. 
After I got through immigration, my friend took me out for Korean BBQ! It was so delicious! After spending a week in Korea, I’ve decided that I like Korean food much better than Chinese food. 
The next morning we woke up and climbed a near by mountain. You could see all of Seoul from the top, it was so beautiful! That is another thing that I love about Korea, the geography is beautiful and there are so many green things. Even throughout the city there are hills everywhere, tons of trees, and even grass that isn’t just for looking (you can actually walk and sit on it)! It reminds me a lot of Madison in that way. 
We spend the rest of the day touring Seoul. We went to a fish market, a flower and plant market, and then we went to an area that had tons of little shops and restaurants. The fish market was really cool, there were so many crazy kinda of fish and the vendors were very nice. They loved that I was taking pictures. 
The flower market was interesting too, there were tons of little bonsai trees and really exotic flowers. 
The area with tons of little shops was really cute. Because it was a slightly touristy area, there where tons of Chinese people there. My friend and I stopped for tea in this adorable place very similar to Dobra Tea in Madison. 
There aren’t a lot of historical places in Korea since it was pretty much burned down during the Korean War but we did go to one temple, Gyeongbok Palace. It was beautiful with the mountains in the back ground but it was very similar to most of the temples in China. 
Of course I experienced a lot of the night culture of Seoul, most of which I will not blog about because what happens in Seoul, should definitely stay in Seoul and hopefully never resurface. One really cool thing about night life in Seoul is there is a silent disco in a park. You can rent headphones and there’s a DJ that plays music that is sent to all the headphones. It’s such a fun experience but it’s incredibly hard to describe. It’s something that everyone should do at least once in their life. 
I will say that be best part about Seoul is the people you meet. I will be going back there for sure because of the incredible people I met. 
If I individually mentioned everyone that made it amazing this blog would be a bit long but I have to mention one girl, Bo. Bo is one of the most kind, amazing human beings I have ever met in my life. Saying goodbye to her was really hard even though I only knew her for five days. She is officially my Korean sister. On my last night there she took me out for Korean BBQ, we did a photobooth, went shopping, and then of course got drinks at Thursdays. I miss her so much and can’t wait for us to have vacation days that line up. I will definitely be going back to Korea to visit her and she will hopefully come to China to visit me. 
Thank you everyone for making Korea amazing! I love you all.